East Broad Top Railroad Virtual Tour: Index

This is a tour and inventory of sites, structures and other engineering works associated with the East Broad Top. The goal is to list all present during the twilight years (1940's and 50's) of the road.

The list proceeds from the PRR interchange toward the extents of the railroad. Mileages from the Mount Union station are indicated where known.

This tour was last updated 11/11/2015

EBT Virtural Tour
Mile MarkFeatureElevationDate
EBT: Mount Union to Shirleysburg
-0.20Mount Union590'
-0.20Harbison Walker Refractory590'1899
0.00Mount Union Station590'
0.20North American Refractories570'1911
0.20General Refractories590'1900
0.30Mount Union Yards590'1872
0.30Mount Union Local Delivery Trestle585'
0.30Merchandise Transfer585'
0.30Mount Union Enginehouse585'ca. 1910
0.30Mount Union Ash Pit585'ca. 1910
0.30Mount Union Tankhouse585'ca. 1910
0.30Mount Union Yard Office585'
0.30Mount Union Transfer Crane585'
0.30Mount Union Wye585'
0.30Mount Union North Standard Gauge Yard590'
0.40NARCo Coal Dump590'ca. 1911
0.40Mount Union North Dual Gauge Yard590'
0.60Coal Transfer Plant585'1915
0.60Mount Union Coal Trestle590'
0.60Mount Union Refuse Trestle590'
0.60Mount Union Narrow Gauge Scale585'
0.60Timber Transfer585'1924
0.60Mount Union Garage585'
0.70Mount Union Standard Gauge Scale580'ca. 1915
0.70Mount Union South Narrow Gauge Yard580'1915
0.70Mount Union South Standard Gauge Yard580'1915
0.70Mount Union Section House580'1915
0.70Mount Union Boney Dump580'1925-56
0.80Mount Union Yard Reservoir575'
0.80Mount Union Yard Culvert575'1915
0.80522 Grade Crossing575'1998
1.20Allenport Stop575'
1.50Extract Works570'1905-06
1.60Riverview Business Center570'1980's
2.40Adams Passing Siding600'
2.70Morrisons Summit620'1872
3.90Aughwick Mills565'
3.90Aughwick Passenger Shelter565'
4.00Aughwick Bridge565'1914
4.70Pump Station Culvert565'
5.00Pump Station565'
5.80522 Overpass565'1988
6.35Shirleysburg Cemetery570'late 1700s
6.36Shirleysburg Bridge570'1899
6.37Shirleysburg Section House570'1887
6.40Shirleysburg Passing Siding570'
6.50Shirleysburg Station570'1897
Shirleysburg to Rockhill Furnace
7.31Colgate Grove Wye585'1961
7.37Clay Pit Spur585'ca. 1915
7.40Colgate Grove585'
8.00Douglas Summit590'1872
8.20Runk Road Bridge585'ca. 1900
8.30Long Fill590'
9.30McMullins Summit680'1872
10.50Orbisonia Bridge630'ca. 1980
10.60Rockhill Furnace Bridge630'1900
10.60Rockhill Furnace630'
10.70Rockhill Yards630'1873
10.70North Water Column630'ca. 1910
10.80Rockhill Wye630'
10.80Orbisonia Station630'1906
11.00Store Houses630'ca. 1905
11.00Lumber Shed/Ware House630'pre 1874
11.00Rockhill Roundhouse630'1882
11.00Rockhill Turntable630'ca. 1914
11.00Ash Pit630'ca. 1910
11.00Blacksmith Shop630'pre-1894
11.00Electrical and Brake Shop630'ca. 1910
11.00Pattern House630'ca. 1910
11.00Orbisonia Scale630'ca. 1917
11.00Boiler House630'pre-1894
11.00Machine Shop630'pre-1894
11.00Car Shop630'pre-1894
11.00Boiler Shop630'ca. 1910
11.00Locomotive Shop630'pre-1894
11.00Paint Shop630'1933
11.00Yard Office/Storage Sheds630'1867
11.00Hose House630'
11.00Paint Locker630'
11.00Inspection Pit630'
11.00Ice House630'ca. 1910
11.00West Water Column630'ca. 1915
11.00Sand House630'ca. 1910
11.00Carpentry Shop630'ca. 1910
11.00Three-Way Stub Switch630'ca. 1910
11.00Markle House630'
11.00Freight Station630'ca. 1910
11.00Ware House630'1872
11.00Oil House630'1872
11.00Ware House630'
11.00Store House630'
11.00Store House630'
11.00Store House630'
11.00Railways To Yesterday Carbarn One630'ca. 1964
11.00Railways To Yesterday Buehler Shop630'ca. 1982
11.00Railways To Yesterday Museum Office630'pre 1904
11.10Lumber Shed630'ca. 1910
11.10Coach House630'ca. 1915
11.10South Privey630'
11.10Coal Bunker630'ca. 1910
11.10South Water Column630'ca. 1915
11.10Rockhill Section House630'1900
11.10Handcar Shed630'ca. 1900
11.10Rockhill Yards Culvert630'
11.10Rockhill Reservoir630'
11.10Rockhill Reservoir Ponds630'ca. 1910
EBT: Rockhill Furnace to Saltillo
Jordan Junction705'
12.45Jordan Summit710'1873
13.50SHC High School660'ca. 1962
13.55Pogue Bridge660'1904
13.85Pogue Passing Siding650'
13.90Pogue Passenger Shelter650'
14.60Price's Bridge657'ca. 1915
16.30Kyler's Bridge690'1906
16.90Three Springs Bridge705'1907
17.00Three Springs710'
17.10Three Springs Passing Siding710'1874
17.20Three Springs Station715'
17.25Atlantic Refining Storage Depot715'
17.25Three Springs Warehouse715'
17.55NARCo Tipple720'1911
18.50Bridges #11 and #12770'1874
18.60Saltillo Sidings770'1874
18.90Saltillo Station780'1892
19.10Saltillo Warehouse785'
19.10Saltillo Tankhouse785'1904
19.10Tankhouse Bridge785'1917
19.25Saltillo Wye790'1874
19.25McCarthy Mine790'1876
EBT: Saltillo to Cooks
20.70Poplar Hollow960'1874
21.60Fairview Overpass1100'
21.70Fairview Passenger Shelter1100'
22.55Sideling Hill Tunnel1210'1873-74
22.80Kimmel Passenger Shelter1230'
22.80Kimmel Sidings1230'
22.80Kimmel Section House1230'
24.20Coles Sidings1365'
24.30Coles Tankhouse1365'ca. 1910
24.30Coles Station1365'
24.30Coles Section House1365'
24.40Coles Curve1370'1874
25.25Wrays Hill Tunnel1430'1873-74
25.50Rocky Ridge1450'
25.50Rocky Ridge Station1450'1892
25.50Rocky Ridge Wye1450'
25.50Rocky Ridge Section House1450'
25.55Rocky Ridge Bridge1455'ca. 1900
25.55Rocky Ridge Passing Siding1455'
25.80Wrays Hill Siding1480'ca. 1910
25.90Wrays Hill1480'ca. 1910
27.30Old Bridges #15 and #161550'
27.30Cooks Passing Siding1550'
27.40Cooks Section House1550'
27.40Cooks Station1550'
EBT: Cooks to Alvan
27.90Martins Meadow1580'
28.20Martins Old Mill Bridge1600'1909
29.60Robertsdale Bridge1750'1906
29.70Robertsdale Yard1760'1874
29.70Robertsdale Runaway Track1760'
29.70Robertsdale Wye1760'ca. 1881
29.80Robertsdale Freight House1760'
29.80Robertsdale Wye Bridge1760'1907
29.80RI&C Company Store1765'1874
29.80RI&C Company Offices1765'ca. 1914
29.80Robertsdale Station1770'1914
29.80RI&C Company Post Office1770'ca. 1916
29.80RI&C Garage1770'
30.00Robertsdale Engine House1790'
30.00Robertsdale Ash Pit1790'
30.00RI&C Mine No. 11780'1830's
30.10RI&C Fan House1780'
30.10RI&C Robertsdale Mule Barn1800'
30.10RI&C Boiler House1780'
30.10Lamp House1800'
30.10RI&C Engine House1780'
30.10Powder House1800'
30.20RI&C Mine No. 51800'1872
30.20Robertsdale Tankhouse1800'ca. 1910
30.30RI&C Mine No. 21810'1872
30.40RI&C Mine No. 31810'1874
30.40RI&C Mine No. 41810'1874-75
31.20Woodvale Loading Ramps1850'ca. 1950
31.20RI&C Mine No. 7 and 8 Branch1850'ca. 1916
31.20Woodvale Machine Shop1850'
31.20Woodvale Storage Building
31.30RI&C Mine No. 61850'1891
31.30No. 6 Boiler House
31.30No. 6 Engine House
31.30No. 6 Dynamo House
31.30Woodvale Station1850'
31.40Woodvale Mule Barn1855'
31.70Woodvale Bridge1855'1916
32.60RI&C Mine First No. 91890'1917
32.60Alvan Bridge1943
32.70RI&C Mine Second No. 91943
32.70RI&C Mine No. 11 branch1890'ca. 1950
32.70End of Main1900'1943
Booher Branch
Booher Iron Mine
Coles Valley Branch
Coles Valley Branch Split1919-1937
RI&C Mine No. 151945
NARCo Branch
Leas and McVitty Tannery1859
NARCo Runaway Track1942
NARCo Tipple1942
Rocky Ridge Branch
Savage Bank
Shade Gap Branch
RI&C Furnace630'1873
Railways To Yesterday Carbarn Two1990
GRefCo Quarry
Cedar Rock
Locke Valley
Shade Creek Culvert1904
Shade Gap Siding
Shade Gap Wye
Shade Gap Tankhouse
Shade Gap Freight House
Shade Gap Station
Shade Gap Coal Trestle
Shade Gap Section House
Shade Gap Bridge
Neelyton Bridge
Neelyton Wye
South Neelyton Bridge
Wiley's Sawmill
Stanton Spur
Stanton GREFCo Quarry
Shade Valley Branch
McDonalds Grove
Sheaer Mine
Stair Mine
End of the EBT Virtual Tour

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