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This page is presented by Spike Systems. It is unofficial, and as such does not necessarily represent the views of nor does it have any direct relationship to Friends of the EBT, Kovalchick Salvage Company, The East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company, or any other group or person. It is a personal effort to spread the word of this unique treasure.

Persons interested in the preservation and restoration of the EBT are encouraged to become members of the Friends of the EBT. Follow the link for membership information.


To contact the for-profit company that owns and operates the railroad use the following address:

The East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company
P.O. Box 158, Rt. 994
Rockhill Furnace, PA 17249
Phone: 814-447-3011
Fax: 814-447-3256

A list of other contact information for organizations related to the railroad can be found on the EBT Railroad Contact List page.

Contact information for this site (which is not sanctioned by the above groups) can be found in the Feedback section of this page.


This site is authored by Christopher D. Coleman. Chris is an active member of Friends of the East Broad Top as well as a member of The Rockhill Trolley Museum. He is FEBT's webmaster, is on the FEBT Rockhill Restoration Crew, and conducts a number of tours around the railroad each season including the FEBT Spring Exploration.

He operates a number of other web sites at well. More information can be found at Christopher D. Coleman's Homepage.


The East Broad Top Railroad Homepage has its roots with the Webville and Hypertext Railroad Company, a site for the achiving of a variety of Railroad and Model Railroad documents and binaries. The W&H went online September 1994. In early 1995 Vagel Keller's Unofficial Visitor's Guide to the East Broad Top Railroad was published to the Usenet group rec.railroad, and with Vagel's permission, it was published it on the W&H. Shortly thereafter, more EBT pages were added containing line data and news releases from the EBT and FEBT.

By June 1995, the amount of info had grown large enough to warrant an independend site for the EBT. In early 1996, the first photos of the EBT were presented on the site. They were of operations during the 1996 spectacular courtesy of Alan Woolf. In February 1997, The EBT moved, with the W&H, to spikesys.com, an independent domain name.

The EBT Homepage has grown from a singe page of 53 KB to over 550 pages, 2050 images and 100 MB in size and continues to grow.


Substantial updates to sections of these pages or links are indicated by the 'updated' and 'new' heralds that appear on the site. Hovering your mouse pinter over the herald will show you the month and year the update took place in most browsers. Starting June 2001, I am maintaining a list of major updates here.

Jan 8, 2006 - Video of the 2005 Fall Spectacular added in the Multimedia Archive
Sep 8, 2005 - 2005 Fall Spectacular Schedule
Sep 15, 2004 - 2004 Fall Event Schedule
Jul 26, 2004 - Updated Event listing
Aug 4, 2003 - 2003 Community Appreciation Day Schedule and fares posted.
Jul 29, 2003 - Press release for 2003 Community Appreciation Day
May 18, 2003 - Updated News section, now dedicated to news only.
  • Volunteer Crews Work on Rockhill Shops Buildings
  • Colorado EBT Passenger Cars for Sale
  • Mount Union Connecting Railroad to reopen some EBT track
  • Spare EBT Diesels go to Durango and Silverton
  • EBT #6 for Sale
  • RTY to extend Shade Gap Electric Railroad
  • EBT Locomotive Repairs
  • East Broad Top TEA21 matching grant application
May 18, 2003 - New separate section for an overhauled Events listing
May 18, 2003 - Unofficial Guide to the EBT has been updated.
May 18, 2003 - EBT E-Mail Lists has been updated with the new EBT-Announce list.
May 18, 2003 - EBT Railroad Info on the Net has 44 new or updated links.
May 18, 2003 - Visiting the EBT has been updated.
May 18, 2003 - Tourism in the EBT Region has been updated.
May 18, 2003 - Introduction to the East Broad Top has been updated.
May 18, 2003 - EBT Site Info Page has been updated.
May 18, 2003 - Interested in an EBT Night Photo Session in 2003?
Sep 26, 2002 - EBT Fall Event schedule and information posted
Sep 23, 2002 - Interested in an EBT Night Photo Session?
Aug 3, 2002 - 2002 Community Appreciation Day info posted.
Mar 29, 2002 - News and Events section updated
  • Colorado EBT Passenger Cars for Sale
  • Crew Works on Rockhill Shops Buildings
  • EBT #6 for Sale
  • Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad purchases 5 EBT hoppers
  • RTY to extend Shade Gap Electric Railroad
Mar 11, 2002 - EBT Railroad Info on the Net has 44 new or updated links
Mar 29, 2002 - Passenger Cars #18 and #29 in Colorado photos posted in the Multimedia Area.
Mar 29, 2002 - EBT Hoppers at the Cumbres and Toltec photos posted in the Multimedia Area.
Mar 29, 2002 - New EBT Poll posted in EBT Fun Stuff.
Mar 29, 2002 - New paint job posted in the EBT Virtual Paint Shop in EBT Fun Stuff.
Feb 29, 2002 - EBT Classified updated.
Feb 21, 2002 - EBT Classified updated.
Feb 21, 2002 - Missing EBT Artifacts Sought for Preservation updated.
Feb 20, 2002 - Vagel Keller's The Unofficial Guide to the EBT updated.
Jan 15, 2002 - 2001 Spring Exploration Photos Posted.
Jan 15, 2002 - Links page updated.
Jan 15, 2002 - Introduction to the East Broad Top updated.
Dec 11, 2001 - EBT News section updated.
Dec 3, 2001 - New EBT Poll - the most beautiful part of the EBT.
Nov 17, 2001 - 2001 Winter Hop Photos Posted.
Nov 17, 2001 - Tourism in the EBT Area updated.
Nov 9, 2001 - Links page updated.
Oct 17, 2001 - EBT Virtual Tour updated (more updates coming).
Oct 13, 2001 - Contacts List updated.
Sep 15, 2001 - EBT Fall Spectacular 2001 schedule posted.
Sep 15, 2001 - EBT 2001 Night Photo Session info posted.
Aug 27, 2001 - EBT Fall Spectacular 2000 photos posted.
Jul 5, 2001 - A few new EBT Links added.
Jun 7, 2001 - Updated EBT Periodical Article List - now over 220 articles.
Jun 7, 2001 - Opened the new EBT Fun Stuff section.


Feedback on the content, design and operations of this site is encouraged and is vital to the improvement of this site. There are over 2,000 files that are part of the EBT Homepage and errors and oversights are inevitable. Making note of them will get them corrected more quickly.

I am particularly interested in how pages might be improved to present information more clearly. Also what pages are the best resource and what is wrong with the other pages.

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Spike Systems This site is presented by Spike Systems.

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Copyright limitations

This site and its contents are copyrighted and protected by US and International Copyright law. Copying any file off this site for republication without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. Contact the site administrator to inquire about obtaining permission for any republication electronically or in print.

The Unofficial Guide to the EBT is Copyrighted 2003 by Vagel C. Keller and is used with the permission. Consult the copyright restrictions on the page for details. The summary of the Full Steam Ahead Restoration Proposal Summary is Copyrighted 1995 by Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc. and is used with permission. Contact FEBT for details. The summary of the Study of Alternatives Restoration Proposal Summary is reproduced under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. It may be distributed under those provisions.

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