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Welcome to the East Broad Top Railroad Virtual Tour. In the tour you can click from one point on the railroad to the next geograpically along the line, jumping from one significant point on the line to the next. You can travel the entire length of the line (not just the operating portion), divert down the branch lines, or at any point jump back up to an area of the line. Each site page provides data, history, disposition, and often plans and photographs of the site. Using the clickable image maps you can zoom into any particular area and site on the line. Step into the East Broad Top National Historic Landmark and enjoy your tour.

The EBT was built between 1872 and 1874 to access semi-bituminous coal deposits on the eastern side of Broad Top Mountain, a plateau in the remote south-central Pennsylvania Alleghenies. From an interchange with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Mount Union on the Juniata River, the line ran up the valley of Aughwick Creek, then its tributary Three Springs Creek. The line then punched through two ridges and proceeded up the valley of Trough Creek to Broad Top Mountain and the coal fields.

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