East Broad Top Railroad Memories

Send in your own memories, recollections, reminisces or stories of the EBT if you'd like to share them here with other EBT aficionados. Whether it be common carrier or excursion era send them in.

From Ellen, the Horse Lady.

From Donald W.

From Marcus R.

I have been a member of the Branford Electric Railway Assoc. (Shore Line trolley Museum - East Haven, CT) for many years. Back in the early seventies many of us began an annual pilgrimage to the Winter Specatular. Usually twenty or so of us would "invade" the area for that weekend and typically rented a block of rooms at the Vista Vue Motel near Huntingdon. Needless to say, given the temper (or, should we say, distemper) of the times, and our collective youth, they were memorable weekends, and were usually talked about for many months (sometimes years) afterward. We are lesser in number now, and more sedate, but some of us have started coming to the Fall Spectacular. I came to last year's which was the first visit to EBT for me in 25 years, and I plan on coming back every year, inasmuch as I moved away from the New Haven area many years ago, the weekend allows me to see a lot of old friends, and EBT is a great place!

I recently unearthed a group photo taken of our group in front of a steam locomotive at the 1973 Winter Spectacular.

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