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This page seeks to locate machinery and other items that have been removed from the railroad over the years and preserve them for future reintegration into the EBT. If you have information on the whereabouts of or other info on these EBT lost children, please mail me.

Coles Tankhouse Branded Tank Boards

Branded boards at the Coles Tank

Between April and November or 1999 a person or persons forced out several slats of the cedar tank inside the tankhouse at Coles along the EBT main. The slats removed were branded with the tanks builders information similar or identical to that below.


This represents an act beneath any true railfan or preservationist. This is no less the the vandalization and theft of part of a National Historic Landmark. These trophy hunters may think they are doing a service by securing these pieces, but their destructive and highly illegal and immoral means of 'securing' leave them as little more than criminals.

The East Broad Top Railroad and Friends of the East Broad Top are together offering a $750.00 REWARD for the return of the stolen tank boards or for information leading to the identification and prosecution of the person or persons responsible. If you have any knowledge that can help us recover these pieces of the EBT's heritage, please contact

The East Broad Top Railroad
Telephone: (814) 447-3285
FAX: (814) 447-3256
Friends of the East Broad Top
Telephone: (301) 482-1136
E-mail: febt@aol.com

Coles Tankhouse Pump

The pump from the Coles Tankhouse The pump from the Coles Tankhouse
The pump from the Coles Tankhouse The pump from the Coles Tankhouse

Sometime between December 1996 and April 1997 this antique pump was STOLEN from the last remaining EBT tankhouse. The assailants damaged the building in the removal of the pump and presumably intended to sell it as an antique.

The pump was powered by a flat belt pulley which drove two gears on either side of the pump shaft. Each gear connected to a vertical rod connecting to the pump shaft. The pump shaft is similar to conventional outdoor hand pumps used proir the advent of running water.

The pump was used to draw water up from a spring fed cistern into the tank inside the tankhouse. The pump was original to the Coles Tank, the last remining tankhouse on the EBT.

Robertsdale Scale

This track scale located at the Robertsdale Station was used by the EBT to weigh loaded hoppers prior to sending them down the line to Mount Union. FEBT, which is restoring the depot, is searching for the scale for reinstallation as part of a depot museum.

The scale is known to have been made by Fairbanks. Model and serial number info are being researched.

EBT Flatcar #106

This is a standard EBT steel frame flatcar that was placed on standard gauge trucks for use in Mount Union. During the 1998 US 522 bypass construction, the area of the EBT Mount Union yard where this car resided was excavated down to the surface of the road. This car dissapeared and has not been heard from since. Was is scrapped or moved?

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