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Mount Union Coal Trestle

Photo of Mount Union Coal Trestle Photo of Mount Union Coal Trestle
Mile Mark: 0.60
Elevation: 590'
Date: unknown

This trestle was originally constructed for the purpose of loading coal into larger road vehicles, but was used mostly to dump boney from the coal plant into trucks for use as fill.

The trestle sets on steel I-beams supported by wooden piers. The abutments are timber, but what appears to be scrap firebrick is used as chinking between the timbers. The two dumping chutes are made of thick sheet metal and inlcude counterweighted doors to control the flow of coal into the receiving vehicle.

The trestle still stands and has a hopper on the lead track. When the supermarket adjacent to the yard was constructed in the 1980's part of the track and fill north of the trestle itself was removed for the construction. The trestle itself was not affected and remains in good condition.

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