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Mount Union Yards

Mile Mark: 0.30
Elevation: 590'
Date Built: 1872
Published Photos: EBT 164, 166, 167, 176, 189
Published Plans: EBT 94, CEBT 0, TMB 23

The EBT Mount Union yard was the first part of the line built, and was completed by the time the line reached Rockhill. It was originally about half its present size and was dominated by a long wooden trestle from which narrow gauge cars on top were unloaded into standard gauge ones below. In 1915 the tipple was replaced by a sorting plant and the yard was enlarged to its current size. The plant was converted to a sorting/cleaning plant in 1925. Most of the yard is laid in dual gauge, with one rail on the west and two on the east side of each track. Locomotives and cars intended for exclusive use in the yard were equipped with two couplers. One was a standard Janey coupler for standard gauge cars and the other was three-quarter size for narrow gauge cars. Each was centered over the respective track centerline.

At the close of operations over half of the EBT's rolling stock, mostly hoppers and boxcars, were parked in this yard. Less the dozen or so removed to the White Pass and Yukon there are currently 145 cars in the yard. The track interchanging with Conrail had been removed, but the yard was still connected to the rest of the EBT. Recently Kovalchick Salvage purchased the Conrail spur in Mount Union. A group known as the Mount Union Connecting Railroad is clearing and rehabilitating the main, one siding and the enginehouse in the yard for restoration of standard gauge service on the northern section of the EBT to just beyond Morrisons Summit. In 1999 the EBT main in the yard was reconnected to the Contrail spur. As of early 2000 the main in the yard, one passing siding and the spur to the enginehouse are serviceable, while the remainder of the yard has been left as before.

Also see a more detailed map of the yard.

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Map of Mount Union Yards

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