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Coal Bunker

Photo of Coal Bunker Photo of Coal Bunker Photo of Coal Bunker Photo of Coal Bunker
Mile Mark: 11.10
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: ca. 1910
Published Photos: EBT 215

The original coal dock was about 100 yards north of the current bunker. The same track that services the current bunker, instead of turning back toward the main, continued to curve east and swung around to the Furnace Behive Coke Ovens. Off a tangent to this curve a spur met the main at a right angle to service the coal dock, located about halfway between the current bunker and the Coach House.

This concrete bunker built into the side of Blacklog Mountain, provided storage beneath and coal for the locomotives above. A long steep ramp track ran from the Yard Culvert to a shed on the top of the bunker. One of the smaller locos would push two or three hoppers to the top to be offloaded into the bunker.

During recent operations the rails and support beams atop the bunker were removed so that coal could be dumped in by truck. Broad Top coal was still used until 1992 when it was no longer mined. The shed atop the bunker disappeared during the winter of 1995-96. It was reportedly removed prior to collapsing. The bunker itself still works and services EBT locos, though during the hectic Fall Spectacular, a coal pile at the Ash Pit is loaded by a front end loader to prevent traffic congestion at the bunker.

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