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Rockhill Yards

Photo of Rockhill Yards
Mile Mark: 10.70
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: 1873
Published Photos: EBT 31, 72, 149, 158, 183, 193
Published Plans: EBT 78, CEBT 0, TMB 81

The Rockhill Furnace Yards were built in 1873 on the site of a farm, then encompassing its 1867 farmhouse. The yards include maintenance shops, roundhouse, company offices and classification yard. The shops were sufficient to supply all the parts and work for the railroad, mines and surrounding community during its existence, as well as build railcars and maintain locomotives.

The shops still contain the 19th century machines and tools used when the railroad ran in regular service, many of them belt driven from a stationary steam engine. Much of the locomotive maintenance is still done in the shops. The shops are a unique example of a complete maintenance facility based on 19th century technology.

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