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North Water Column

Mile Mark: 10.70
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: ca. 1910

This water column (a.k.a. standpipe) stood midway between Orbisonia Station and the Rockhill Furnace Bridge. The column is a Poage Sytle H Telescopic made by the American Valve and Meter Company of Cincinnati, OH. Sometime in the period after 1983 it disappeared from this spot. According to sources, the decking on which the column is mounted rotted enoght that the bolts pulled through and the column fell over. Until about 2009 it was stored against the west side of the Blacksmiths Shop. At that time the spout was moved to the FEBT Restoration shop at the Paint Shop for study for the planned restoration of the South Water Column. The original spot is marked by a concrete foundation covered with wood planking.

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