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Orbisonia Station

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Mile Mark: 10.80
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: 1906
Published Photos: EBT 54, 73, 76, 115, 137, 141, 143, 147, 180, 181, 185, 186, 192, 213, 216, 224; AEBT 7, 18, 54-59
Published Plans: AEBT 66-71

The station on this site was originally known as Rockhill Furnace Station. Since freight was frequently mis-routed to two other Rockhills in the state, the name was changed to Orbisonia Station about 1905. The Post Office was located in the depot until the end of operations at which time the small brick post office was built diagonally across the road and tracks. The original station was a smaller single story building and may have been moved to become the present freight station.

The present station was built in 1906 and it received it's familiar front platform canopy in 1909 or early 1910. The rear canopy is original. As built it had three chimneys, but the center one was removed sometime between 1910 and 1936. Also reports are that the two story bulge on the rear of the building was added as bathrooms for the station employees who did not wish to use the outdoor facilities. For a time in the late 1930's and 40's (1946 in particular) the building had canopies installed over some of the second story front windows. It housed the local EBT offices that were formerly in the farmhouse as well as the dispatcher. It also contained the Rockhill Furnace post office, a waiting room and lunch room. The post office door, originally on the front south end, was moved to the south side east end sometime between May 1946 and fall 1946.In the 1930's a "RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY" sign was placed on the south end as well.

The building seems to have been all cream colored from its construction until the platform canopy was added. It was then two-tone dark green and cream at least until 1946. By July 1950 the scheme had been changed to three tone, with white between the upper cream and lower green on the north and south ends of the building. The white extended up as far as the bottom window sills on the north end and up to the wiring box on the south end.

The familiar "EAST BROAD TOP RAILROAD"/"GENERAL OFFICES" sign was likely added to the building in the late 1910's or 20's. During the time the EBT operated the EBT Transit Company, "EAST BROAD TOP TRANSIT CO" was between the other two lines in a smaller typeface. The transit company information was subsequently blanked out of the sign. The common carrier era sign was removed at the cessation of operations and there was no sign while the road was out of service. The 'ORBISONIA' station signs at either end and the sign on top of the platform were all added in 1960 for tourist operations. Also, a door was added behind the rear window on the north end and a wing was added behind it on the old frieght pad for new men's and women's bathrooms. A concrete pad along the north end of the building was added to give access to the bathrooms. The station is benchmarked at 629'.

The building is well maintained and sets right next to Meadow Street crossing. It still houses the EBT offices as well as a gift shop. Much of the EBTs records are still stored in the station. Excursion trains are embarked and debarked at the station.

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