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Saltillo Sidings

Photo of Saltillo Sidings
Mile Mark: 18.60
Elevation: 770'
Date Built: 1874
Published Photos: EBT 163, 164, 170

Saltillo sported two sidings, one for passing trains and one for the station platform. Both seem to date from the first decade of the railroad's operation, but originally did not extend through the street until extended in the early 20th century. The station track frequently hosted a boxcar of locomotive sand. The NARCo branch departed the main from the passing siding, and both sidings frequently hosted loaded cars of gannister rock from the branch.

The sidings are mostly intact, and notably the south (rr north) switch stand featured on the cover of "East Broad Top: Slim Gauge Survivor" is still standing.

From here you can branch off to the NARCo Branch.

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