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Photo of Saltillo
Mile Mark: 18.80
Elevation: 770'
Date: unknown
Published Photos: EBT 164, 170
Published Plans: EBT 118

Saltillo is reported to have been a settled community since late in the 18th century. The EBT reached Saltillo in 1874. Saltillo primarily generated traffic of iron ore and Limestone from workings northwest of town. Neither operation seems to have lasted more than a decade or so, by which time the primary business was Tanning. Early in the 20th century the tanning business faded out and was replaced with ganister quarrying for the refractories in Mount Union. This business lasted past the end of EBT operations until ceasing in the 1970's. Saltillo currently has no heavy industry.

Saltillo had a 1919 population of 420 and a 1990 population of 347.

View a 1994 aerial photo of Saltillo.

View a 1994 aerial photo of Saltillo.

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