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Mount Union Narrow Gauge Scale

Photo of Mount Union Narrow Gauge Scale
Mile Mark: 0.60
Elevation: 585'
Date: unknown

This scale and its small wooden shanty scale house was used to weigh incoming gauge cars. It seems to have been used mostly to weigh carloads of ganister rock before delivery to General Refractories or North American Refractories as there were no scales near either ganister quarry as there was near the coal mines.

The small scale house appears to have been a simple battenboard shed. The scale was housed in a concrete lined pit.

The scale was removed after the end of operations and the scale house no longer exists. The scale pit has been filled in and only the outline of the concrete pit is visible. The Mount Union Connecting Railroad has cleared the track containing the scale with the intention to use it as a storage siding. Since rails were removed with the scale, MTC has laid replacement rail over the pit. The points for the bypass rails is still in place, though the machines are no longer present.

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