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McMullins Summit

Photo of McMullins Summit Photo of McMullins Summit Photo of McMullins Summit
Mile Mark: 9.30
Elevation: 680'
Date Built: 1872
Published Photos: EBT 8, 175, 191, 192; AEBT 23, 32, 36

This summit and grade surrounding it is the highest north of Rockhill. The summit, also known as top-of-hill, moves the EBT from the watershed of Aughwick Creek into that of Blacklog Creek, a major feeder of Aughwick Creek. The site was likely named after an E. McMullens who owned two residences near the site when the line was constructed.

The three span wooden bridge overpass, servicing a neighboring farm, stood well into the tourist era until being replaced by the current steel deck plate girder bridge in the early 1980's. The current bridge sets on two concrete abutments. The wood bridge reportedly could be jacked up about 24" to allow standard gauge tank cars through, but usually the domes were removed.

The bridge is a favorite photo point and is part of railroad property, but do not block access to the resident's drive for which the bridge exists. See a Video taken from the summit.

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