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Colgate Grove

Photo of Colgate Grove Photo of Colgate Grove
Mile Mark: 7.40
Elevation: 585'
Date: unknown

This picnic grove was a frequent destination of excursion trains in the early years of the railroad. As other means of transportation took passengers, the grove was abandoned.

In 1961 at the beginning of regular excursion operations, the excursion line was extended here. The property was being used as a church camp and was bought by the railroad and converted into a picnic grove. It is equipped with a picnic shelter, several picnic tables and a swingset. A wye was built and the grove redeveloped as a destination for excursion passengers.

All the present structures likely date from 1961 or later. Although there are bathroom facilities, there is no longer a water supply at the grove. The grove can be reached by train or by foot from the farm road crossing to the south.

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