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Clay Pit Spur

Mile Mark: 7.37
Elevation: 585'
Date Built: ca. 1915
Published Photos: EBT 120

This spur was built prior to 1919 to service a clay quarry atop Sandy Ridge. The quarry was owned by Rockhill Clay Company and later Rockhill Mineral Company. It was leased for a time to Harbison Walker. The clay was transported down the ridge by a funicular or "dinkey rails" (a steep cable propelled gravity railroad) to a tipple on the spur. The clay was for use in the refractories in Mount Union. Clay refractory brick was used where strength was important, and ganister brick where it was not. The clay may also have been used as a mortar material for firebrick.

The spur was removed between 1927 and 1930, but the road to the north of US 522 still bears the name Claypit Spur Road. The quarry was reportedly used into the 1960's.

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