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Mount Union Station

Photo of Mount Union Station
Mile Mark: unknown
Elevation: 590'
Date: unknown
Published Photos: EBT 29, 107, 111, 167, 176; AEBT 87, 88

This station was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad sometime prior to 1906 to replace a small wooden structure across the street. The station, and its predecessor were used by both the PRR and the EBT until the PRR realignment of 1907, at which time the EBT took possession and the PRR built a new station. Whether the EBT owned or leased the station is unclear.

The station stood at the southwest corner of Pennsylvania Street, US 522 (now PA 747) and the old Pennsylvania Railroad spur. In its earlier years the station sported a small decorative cupula on the north end of the roof ridge, which was later removed. "MOUNT UNION" station signs under the south eave and one saying MOUNT UNION EAST BROAD TOP under the west (rr north) eave were added later. Also metal ridge peaks on the roof were added later in the building's life. The building was about 20'x40' with the roof gables extending out to 45'x55'.

The station was razed sometime after the end of operations, likely in the late 1960's or 1970's. The spot is marked only by a sidewalk extending toward the track. The waiting room benches were owned by Mount Union resident Mr. Rubin after the station was razed. They were donated to a local organization and subsequently auctioned to FEBT who now has them in the Robertsdale EBT Station.

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