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Kyler's Bridge

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Mile Mark: 16.30
Elevation: 690'
Date Built: 1906

This is the location of the original 1874 bridge #9. It was 75' and most likely wood. The bridge was carried away by the 1889 flood. The bridge was renumbered to #8 by 1917.

The current through steel plate girder bridge was built in 1906. It is a single 115' (135' point-to-point) span crossing Three Springs Creek. It is similar in design to Rockhill Furnace Bridge, though that bridge uses a central pier. Kylers Bridge has the sharpest skew of any EBT bridge and is the longest single span on the railroad.

The bridge is barely visible from 994. Crossing unposted private property is mandatory to reach the bridge, though it seems to be a popular fishing spot.

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