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Jordan Summit

Photo of Jordan Summit Photo of Jordan Summit
Mile Mark: 12.45
Elevation: 710'
Date Built: 1873
Published Photos: EBT 197, 198; AEBT 15, 20, 63

Jordan Summit is the most formidable grade and highest summit north of Saltillo. The point takes its name from Jordan Cemetery, just to the east. A road crosses the railroad on a three span steel bridge, resting on two steel piers. The Booher Branch, which serviced an iron mine, departed the main near this point. The grade from Pogue to here was teh ruling northbound grade on the line, dictating the number of empties that could be handled by each locomotive. If a train coming down the mountain was too heavy to make this grade, cars would be dropped at Saltillo for later pickup.

View a 1994 aerial photo of Jordan Summit.

View a 1994 aerial photo of Jordan Summit.

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