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Mount Union South Standard Gauge Yard

Mile Mark: 0.70
Elevation: 580'
Date Built: 1915

After being loaded with the appropriate grade of coal in the Coal Cleaning Plant, standard gauge cars were gravity switched through the Standared Gauge Scale for weighing and sorted into this yard. The standard gauge switchers then moved the cars in groups up to the Pennsylvania Railroad interchange to be shipped.

The yard consists of three standard gauge tracks fanning out from a three way stub switch at the north and tying into the secondary main at ths south.

The switch to the easternmost track and some of its rail has been removed from the secondary main, likely during the time between the closure of the EBT and the end of swithcing into the NARCo plant since the rail was placed in the secondary main to replace the switch. The rest of the yard trackage is intact but overgrown. This is the only part of the yard that has no cars in it, since all filled cars would have been shipped out at the end of operations and no others would have needed to pass through the plant.

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