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Mount Union South Narrow Gauge Yard

Photo of Mount Union South Narrow Gauge Yard
Mile Mark: 0.70
Elevation: 580'
Date Built: 1915
Published Photos: AEBT 30, 94

After being unloaded in the Coal Cleaning Plant, EBT hoppers were gravity switched into this yard. As cars accumulated, they were positioned perfectly to be pulled out of the yard as southbound trains, back to the mines. Some of the loading bay dual gauge tracks were also routed into this yard as were the tracks from the boney loading area.

The yard contains two narrow gauge tracks and one dual gauge track immediately adjacent to the main. All three tie into the secondary main just before it ties into the main.

The track in the yard is intact and only moderately overgrown. Two rows of hoppers reside in this yard, including two of the original PSCC hoppers.

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