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Mount Union Standard Gauge Scale

Photo of Mount Union Standard Gauge Scale Photo of Mount Union Standard Gauge Scale Photo of Mount Union Standard Gauge Scale
Mile Mark: 0.70
Elevation: 580'
Date Built: ca. 1915
Published Photos: EBT 167, AEBT 91

This scale was used to weigh the standard gauge hoppers leaving the Coal Cleaning Plant prior to shipment. All the standard gauge tracks leaving the Coal Plant converted into a single track through a three way stub switch then onto the scale. Cars were gravity switched over the scale and into one of the three tracks in the South Standard Gauge Yard which fanned out through another three way stub switch.

The scale house is a block structure with a pyramidal frame roof with two cut down cables to accommodate two diagonal walls on the front of the building. A brick chimney protruded from the central peak of the roof. The building measured 12'x14'. Beneath the house is a concrete basement containing the linkages from the scale mechanism in the building to the scale beam. The scale itself is in a connected concrete pit. The scale has two sets of rails joined together by frogless point switches on either side of the scale. One pair rests on the scale beam and the other on solid beams for locomotives and other equipment that did not need weighed. Near the scale was the Mount Union order signal, similar to those found on all EBT stations except Mount Union.

This scale is the only one of the four EBT scales still in place. The scale house roof and chimney has collapsed, but the walls still stand. The scale itself is severely corroded, but mostly intact. Use caution around the scale pit, it is deep.

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