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Car Shop

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Mile Mark: 11.00
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: pre-1894
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The First Car House from prior to 1894, later designated as the Paint Shop, was on the location of teh turntable lead between the Farm House and the current Paint Shop. Between 1894 and 1904 a new Car House was built between the old one and the Roundhouse facing the turntable. It's location formed the bottom of a T with the current location of the Paint House. The first Car House was redisgnated as the first Paint Shop. The second Car Shop, damaged by the Paint Shop fire of 1908, was likely demolished to make way for the secind Paint Shop.

In 1894 the current Car Shop, then reffered to as the Carpentry Shop, as a two track structure about one-third the size of the current one. By 1904 the building was doubled in legnth and the west, shorter track removed. By 1911 the building, now reffered to as the Car Shop since the second one was gone by then, was leghtened a third time to its current legnth.Between 1911 and 1917, and most likely in 1917, the east roof was raised to a shallower pitch and extended, and the building extended to include an thrid track. That track was tied into the was tied into the second track and the old track still remains as a dead end sout of the shop.

The Car Shop was where maintenace of passenger and freight cars and assembly of freight cars took place. During the hot days of summer, the work often took place in the yard outside the shop. It contains a variety of heavy woodworking tools.

The car shop is the largest building in the complex not open during the shop tours. Other than its deplorable windows, it seems to be reasonably sound. It is used to store the Shade Gap Picnic Train and other cars while not in use.

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