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HAER Map Key: 3
Date Built: unknown
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The Car Shop is one of the largest building in the EBT shops. The original part of the shop is also one of the oldest in the shops complex, but it has been expanded several times to more than twice its original size. It was the primary location where rolling stock of all types were constructed or repaired. In the early decades of the railroad the rolling stock fleet consisted of all wood cars, but staring in the 1910's began to transition to steel. Becasue of the early wood constucitons, the Car Shop is where the power woodworking equipment is located. Even to the end of operations, the passenger cars remained wood along with components of other cars.

The building contians three tracks, two of which run entirely through the building and one that terminates about halfway through. Cars in need of service were spotted on the long lead tracks to the south of the building. A slight grade allowed cars to be gravity swithced into the buildig for work, then gravity switched out the north end. To the north both tracks switched together and crossed over the Orbisonia Scale where rebuilt cars could be weighed and stenciled with their tare (empty) weight. The building is equipped with nuymerous rivet forges and air lines for riventing of steel cars.

Today the building is mainly used for storage of the operable rolling stock during the winter months.

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