East Broad Top Railroad Shops Virtual Tour Index

This is a tour and inventory of the one-of-a-kind maintenance shops complex of the East Broad Top Railroad.

This tour was last updated 11/11/2015

Tour Entry
MachinePowerMakeHAER Map Key
South Wings
Boiler House
Electrical GeneratorsteamWestinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company1
Electrical PanelelectricalJohn E. Graybill and Company
Foundry Blowerbelt
Coal Bin
Coal Conveyorbelt
BoilercoalBabcock and Wilcox CompanyA/B
Small Water PumpsteamC
Stationary Steam EnginesteamD
Water PumpsteamWorthington Pump and Machinery CorporationE
Air CompressorsteamIngersoll-RandF
Line Shaft Motorelectric
Machine Shop
Locomotive Wheel LathebeltWilliam Sellers and CompanyG
Boring MachinebeltNiles Bement Pond Company - Niles Tool WorksH
Brake Cylinder LathebeltJ. S. Wheeler and CompanyI
Axle LathebeltNiles Bement Pond Company - Niles Tool WorksJ
Wheel PressbeltPond Machine Tool CompanyK
Radial DrillbeltNiles Bement Pone - Niles Tool WorksN
Vertical SlotterbeltNew Haven Manufacturing Company CompanyM
Bolt MakerbeltLandis Machine CompanyL
PlanerbeltCincinnati Planer CompanyO
Grinding WheelbeltSterling Emery Wheel Manufacturing CompanyP
Engine LathebeltR
Engine LathebeltLodge and Shipley Machine Tool CompanyU
Engine LathebeltLodge and Shipley Machine Tool CompanyS
ShaperbeltJ. Steptoe and CompanyX
Bolt ThreaderbeltPratt and Whitney CompanyY
A-Frame Tool Rackhand9
Tool Storage Rackhand8
Cutting Tool Cribhand7
Mobile Tablehand10
Free Standing Tool Cabinethand6
Drill PressbeltW
Drill PressbeltCincinnati Machine Tool CompanyV
Horizontal Boring MachinebeltBinsse Machine CompanyQ
Large PlanerbeltCincinnati Planer CompanyT
Work Benchhand4
Built-in Tool Cabinethand5
Work Sink2
Compressed Air TankairIngersoll Rand (presumed)3
Blacksmiths Shop Blowerbelt
Boiler Shop
Emery WheelbeltBB
Small Drill Pressbelt
Pipe Threader
Puch and ShearbeltNiles Bement Pond Company - Bement WorksFF
Hand ShearhandNew Doty Manfacturing Company
Hand PresshandNiles Bement Pond Co., Niles Tool W
Welding MachineelecLincoln Electric
Welding MachineelecLincoln Electric
Power RollbeltNiles Tool WorksEE
Flue DescalerbeltDD
Press BrakehydraulicEast Broad Top
Hand Rollhand
Shops Privey
Locomotive Shop
Maintenance Track and PitN/A13
"Hospital" Track and PitN/A14
Transverse Pit and Jackhand12
Wheelset Turntablehand11
Car Shop
Motors and PumpbeltGG
Band SawbeltJ. A. Fay and Egan CompanyJJ
Mortising MachinebeltH. B. Smith Machine CompanyII
Planer Matcher and MolderbeltJ. A. Fay and Egan CompanyKK
Endless Bed SurfacerbeltJ. A. Fay and Egan CompanyLL
Vertical Cut-off Saw and GainerbeltJ. A. Fay and Egan CompanyMM
Table SawbeltNN
Circular Sawbelt
Northeast Wings
Core Binder Heaterair
Drying Ovencoal
Sand Roomn/a
Cupula Furnaceair
Brass Furnaceair
Air Hoistair
Casting Tumblerbelt
Casting Tumblerbelt
Blacksmith Shop
Reciprocating SawbeltRacine Tool Machine Company
Belt HammerbeltBarbour-Stockwell18
Blacksmith's Forgeair/coke3
High Temperature Forgeair14
Quenching Tub
Tempering Ovenair/coke13
Steam Trap
Blacksmith's Forgeair/coke3
Steam HammersteamNiles-Bement-Pond Company12
Swaging Forgeair/oil2
Flue Swaging HammerairDraper Manufacturing Company1
Electrical and Brake Shop
Brake Hose Press
Valve Test Rack
Northwest Buildings
Stall #1n/a
Stall #2n/a
Stall #3n/a
Stall #4n/a
Stall #5n/a
Stall #6n/a
Stall #7n/a
Stall #8n/a
Bus Garage16
Paint Shop19

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