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Electrical Generator

Photo of Electrical Generator Photo of Electrical Generator
Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: steam
HAER Map Key: 1
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company
Model: unknown
Serail Number: 2988/579149

This steam powered Westinghouse generator provided DC power to the shops complex, yard, station and surrounding homes. It utilizes a steam engine powered from the shops boilers to turn a DC dynamo. Inside the generator room are the knife swithces, needle meters and choke coils used control the power system. All the power desinged for other buildings, including the Roundhouse, Markle House and Station exited the generator room through the wall beside the main shops entrance and immediately up a pole set there for transmission. The pole line proceeded between the Blacksmith Shop and Foundry toward the station.

The steam engine is a Westinghouse Junior engine from the Westinghouse Machine Company. It is a two piston, single acting engine with a piston valve and flywheel governor. The valve gear runs from the flywheel through a rocker, and to the vlave piston rod atop the engine.

The engine is directly coupled to a 125V DC generator from the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. It has a six pole stator field, six commutator brushes and 96 commutator contacts.. It is rated at 140 amps and 17.5 KW.

The generator is housed in a lean-to wing off the Machine Shop. The very shallow roof of the lean-to has lead to the roof covering failing and being topcoated multiple times. Since the end of operations, the last roof failed and let a great deal of rain water in on the generator, damaging and corroding it.

In 2003 a crew from the FEBT replaced the leaking and rotted roof over the geneator with a completely new replica roof. In 2004 the windows and walls were refinsihed. Due to pressing needs for volunteer labor and with the room stabilized, work stopped on the room for many years. A new tongue and groove ceiling was installed in Mar 2006 and primed in Jan 2007. Starting in Mar 2011 restoration in the room restarted. The generator and room were cleaned with debris removed and parts stored. In May the entire room received two coats of exterior latex paint.

Due to the water damage the generator was locked up tight and would not budge. In March 2011 The inspection panel on the generator crankcase cover and exhaust line were removed and the interor inspected. The corrosion was found to be present but limited. In May the cylinder covers and head were removed, painting the body of the machine was begun, and the valve piston freed. On piston was freed in April and the other in September. Painting continued in September and October of 2011. In October the main bearings were freed. In May 2011 disassembly of the main bearings was begun.


No 2988

Direct Current Generator
17.5 K.W. 125 Volts 140 Amps.
___ R.P.M.
Style No. ___ Serial No. 579149
PATENTED JAN. 16, '94 NOV. 28, '95 MAR. 24, '96 JUNE 30, '96 JAN. 12, '97 APR. 6, '97
MAY 11, '97 AUG. 17, '97 SEPT. 14, '97 DEC. ?, '97 AUG. 20, '01 SEPT. 29, '03 MAY 3, '04
JUNE 7, '04 JULY 19, '04 AUG. 29, '05 NOV. ?, '05 OCT. 10, '05 JUNE 26, '06


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