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Electrical Panel

Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: electrical
HAER Map Key: None
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: John E. Graybill and Company
Model: unknown
Serail Number: unknown

This electrical panel distributed and controlled the DC power from the Generator. It consists of a serials of open knife switches, buss bars, fuses and meters. The current from the generator leads pass through four large coiles mounted on the ceiling, two per lead with the pairs being in parallel. The leads pass through a main buss bar in the panel and through two main fuses and the main cutoff switch. From there the power separated to cutoff switches for the Machine Shop (all of the main shops complex), Roundhouse, Markle House (president's residense) and station. All but the Machine Shop lead then exited the Generator Room through the east wall, to an insulator bar, then up a pole. The pole line passed beteen the Blacksmith Shop and the Foundry and towards the EBT Herald
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