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Axle Lathe

Photo of Axle Lathe Photo of Axle Lathe Photo of Axle Lathe
Building: Machine Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: J
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: Niles Bement Pond Company - Niles Tool Works
Model: unknown
Serail Number: 11838

This special lathe was used to prepare axles for insertion into wheels on the Wheel Press. In order to prevent damaging the the machined ends of and axle (where the wheels are pressed on) this lathe has a center chuck that grips the axle in the middle.

During the tourist era the neighboring Wheel Press was used for contract work pressing wheels off axles. In order to power the wheel press, the drive belt was run to the pulley on the Axle Lathe, then from there to an electroc motor. Unfortunately, to prevent the Axle Lathe from running as well, the drive gear powered fromt eh pulley was apparently broken off intentialy. This leave this machine unuseable unless a new gear can be fabricated. Plate:


No 11838

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