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Wheel Press

Photo of Wheel Press Photo of Wheel Press
Building: Machine Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: K
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: Pond Machine Tool Company
Model: unknown
Serail Number: unknown

This machine is used to press wheels off of and on to axles. The axles could then be worked on the Axle Lathe.

During the common carrier era, the EBT installed pipes off the hydraulic pump on this unit and piped them some sisty feet to the home-built Pres Brake in the Boiler Shop. This enabled that machine to be powered off this machine.

The machine was still used during the tourist era. The drive pulley on the neighboring Axle Lathe was converted to a jackshaft which was powred from an electric motor mounted on the floor. Early in the tourist era the EBT made money by pressing wheels off axles as contract work. this accounts for the four rails outside the Foundry building which allowed standard guage wheelsets to be stored endt to end on the outer rails, or narrow guage wheelsets stored nested on an outer and inner rail.



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