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Stationary Steam Engine

Photo of Stationary Steam Engine
Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: steam
HAER Map Key: D
Date Built: ca 1874
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Serail Number: unknown
Published Photos: TMB 13

Ths eight foot flywheel stationary engine used steam from the boilers to power all the shaft driven equipment in the shops. The engine is said to have been1 originally a circulation pump at the Rockhill Furnace, dwarfed by the 20' flywheeled main engines. According to the report it was found inadequate in that role and transferred to the EBT shops in the 1900's.* Although reported as being a Corliss or Corliss licesnes design engine, the unit's cylinder design contradicts this claim.

The engine is directly below the failed main roof support beam upon shich the roof trusses rest. The intake and regulator were removed in the late 1980's for safe keeping and cribbing built over the engine to reinforce the roof. The engine has not run since 1956, but is still in good condition. A single large motor was located west of the gengine in line with the main belt with the apparent intention of keeping the machines running. There is no indication that it was ever acutally connected to the main lineshaft or electrical service. Later, separate smaller motors were installed on individual sections of line shaft so they could be run separately, and the connecting belts between the shafts were slipped off the pulleys.

In 2003, an FEBT work party excavated the large amount of accumulated debris from the flywheel pit and around the engine. In 2008 the crew has begun working to lift the saggaing roof trusses and reconstruct the main beam. This will allow the cribbing to eventually be removed and the engine itself restored. It is hoped that the engine can one day be run with compessed air for demonstrations.

1 Vagel C. Keller, EBT B.O.D. notes



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