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Vertical Cut-off Saw and Gainer

Photo of Vertical Cut-off Saw and Gainer Photo of Vertical Cut-off Saw and Gainer
Building: Car Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: MM
Date Built: ca. 1910's
Manufacturer: J. A. Fay and Egan Company
Model: No. 8
Serail Number: unknown

A cutoff saw cuts wood perpindicular to the grain of the wood, usually cutting a piece to length. This cutoof saw moves the circular blade vertically down into the piece whichis held fast on a work table.

Gaining is the process is cutting a square groove perpindicular to the grain of the wood - essentially a slot. This can be useful when fitting the pieces of a wood car frame together and allows the smaller member to recess into the larger one.

At the East Broad Top, woodworking machines like the Surfacer would have been used to to faricate pieces for early wood freight cars and bridges which were later replaced with steel. Parts wood passenger cars and structures would have been made throughout the operation of the railroad. Based on Fay and Egan catalogs, this cut-off saw likely dates from the 1910s, a time when the shops were freatly expanded.

This saw has not seen any use since the railroad closed in 1956 and has not yet (as of 2012) received any restoration work.

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