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Hand Roll

Photo of Hand Roll Photo of Hand Roll
Building: Boiler Shop
Machine Power: hand
HAER Map Key: None
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Serail Number: unknown
Published Photos: AEBT 194

A roll is a machine used to bend sheet metal into a cylinder or cone shape. This hand powered roll would be used for thinner material than the larger Power Roll. Unlike the large roll, this roll uses a single movable top roller that make the bend by pressing down between the bottom rollers, and two bottom rollers that support the sheet. The tightness of the curve is controlled by two screws on the top of the machine, one on either side of the top roll, which control how low the top roller is set between the bottom two. Two ship-style wheels, one on each side, turn the rolls. One is connected to the top roll and one to a bottom roll, so they counter rotate.

The machine is still free and operable though there is no evidenct it has been used to produce work since the shops close in 1956.

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