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Band Saw

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Building: Car Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: JJ
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: J. A. Fay and Egan Company
Model: Special Numb 50
Serail Number: 87435

Band saws use a narrow, flexible continuous loop blade that was stretched over two large pulleys. Band saws were not possible until welding technology evolved enough to allow the ends of the band to be relaibly welded together, at which time they began to displace circular saws in many applications. The band saw enabled fast curved cuts not possible with other types of saws. Band saws can be used on metal or wood with the appropriate teeth, but as this one was located with other woodworking machinery and built by a renown maker of woodworking machinery, it is likely it was used only for wood.

At the East Broad Top, woodworking machines like this one would have been used to to fabricate pieces for early wood freight cars and bridges which were later replaced with steel. Parts wood passenger cars and structures would have been made throughout the operation of the railroad. Based on Fay and Egan catalogs, this machine likely dates from the 1910's, a time when the shops were greatly expanded.

This band saw most likely has seen no operation since the shops closed in 1956. It is currently missing its blade and the wood framed belt guards have rotted substantailly and begun to collapse.




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