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Drill Press

Photo of Drill Press Photo of Drill Press
Building: Machine Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: V
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: Cincinnati Machine Tool Company
Model: unknown
Serail Number: unknown
Published Photos: AEBT 196

This is the largest conventional drill in the EBT shops (the radial drill is larger). Like other drills, the tool is held in a rotating chuck and plunged into a workpiece held on a stationary table.

The machine bears the plate of W.E. Shipley Metalworking Machinery, a machine tool agent (reseller)(2). the firmat of the name dates the purchase of this machine tool at or after January 9, 1908 as before that date the "Metalworking Machinery" was not part of the name. (1)

This drill was reactivated be restoration volunteers of the Friends of the East Broad Top in 2008.



(1) - American Machinist January 9 1908 p. 73 (2) - The Iron Age; December 4 1902 p. 57

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