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Motors and Pump

Photo of Motors and Pump Photo of Motors and Pump
Building: Car Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: GG
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Serail Number: unknown

These two open frame motors, mounted on a timber frame, likely do not date to the operating days of the railroad. According to some reports these motors, along with several others found around the shops, were moved to the shops from the Mount Union Coal plant after the end of operations. The larger motor may have been installed here with the intension of powering the line shafts in the Car Shop in lou of the Steam Engine, however it was never connected.

The smaller motor is v-belted to a centrifical water pump. It pumps water from the reservior on Jordan Creek to Resevior Ponds on the side of Jacks Mountain. Those ponds supply water by gravity feed for the three water columns in the yard that fill the locomotive tenders. In this role, it takes the place of the large Worthingon recipricating steam pump which requires the shops boilers to be operating.

The motors are incorrectly noted in the HABS/HAER documentation as "generators".

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