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Extract Works

Mile Mark: 1.50
Elevation: 570'
Date Built: 1905-06

The Juniata Oak Extract plant was constructed in 1905-06 by C. Greene and Sons. To replace the exhausted sources of hemlock bark in the tanning industry, the plant processed oak bark and other wood products brought in by the EBT into tanning acid. Calvin Greene (son-in-law of Samuel McVitty of the Shirleysburg and Saltillo Tanneries) later purchased one of the two Mount Union Tanneries and merged it with JOE to become the Mount Union Tanning and Extract Works.

This plant's spur is the south end of dual gauge rail, laid this far so the standard gauge switchers in Mount Union could service the plant. The spur was standard gauge and crossed what is now 522. The EBT benefitted from the traffic of wood products into and of extract out of the plant.

The plant closed in 1921 but was being returned to service in 1923 when on August 11 a fire destroyed or damaged all the structures in the plant. Two years later on November 20, a fire wiped out the tannery as well. The eventual disposition of the EBT sidings is unknown. The site of the plant is now occupied by a sawmill complex. The road to the sawmill is still called Extract Plant Road.

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