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Riverview Business Center

Photo of Riverview Business Center Photo of Riverview Business Center
Mile Mark: 1.60
Elevation: 570'
Date Built: 1980's

The Riverview Business Center industrial park is a recent addition to the EBT landscape. Several industries are located here, including FCI (formerly Berg Electronics), Containment Solutions (formerly Fluid Containment) and Bonney Forge. It started in the 1960's on the east side of US 522 along the EBT, where Fluid Containment is now. Next was an acquisition in the 1980's, where Bonney Forge is now. Finally in 1989 a 200 acre parcel was added which now contains FCI and a number of other parces ready for deveopment.

In front of Fluid Containmnet several hundred feet of the main has been cleared and the road to FCI has an operable grade crossing. A group known as the Mount Union Connecting Railroad is clearing and rehabilitating the main this point with the intention of servicing the industrial park and beyond to the Sylco Service tank farm just south of Morrison's Summit.

Visit RBC's page at the Huntingdon County Business and Industry Site for more information.

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