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Aughwick Bridge

Photo of Aughwick Bridge Photo of Aughwick Bridge Photo of Aughwick Bridge Photo of Aughwick Bridge
Mile Mark: 4.00
Elevation: 565'
Date Built: 1914
Published Photos: EBT 84, 90, 105, 106, 122, 149, 177, 188, 212, 213, 232; AEBT 19, 38, 52

This is the location of the original 1873 Bridge #1, referred to as Lower Aughwick (in difference to Pogue or Upper Aughwick.) The bridge was 'wrecked' by a broken axle derailment January 8, 1883 and was later replaced. In 1886 a heavy rain washed away the approach trestle. It seems to have been a two 100' span structure, most likely wood. Both spans and the approach trestle were again carried away by the rains of the 1889 flood. They seem to have been replaced by a temporary structure. In late 1889 an iron structure replaced the temporary bridge.

The current 203' four arch poured concrete bridge was built in either 19141 or 19172 depending on the account. On reconciliation of the dates is that the bridge was built in 1914 and extensively repair in 1917 due to bad concrete.3 It is the first of two crossings of Aughwick Creek and is the second longest bridge on the line. It is said that this was the first prestressed (steel reinforced) railroad bridge in America, but the validity of this claim is frequently challenged. The bridge was reinforced with 40# railroad rail, which is visible at the base of one footing. The bridge is similar in construction to the Mount Union Culvert and the Shade Gap Culvert. The bridge is benchmarked at 565, the lowest point on the line, and is flanked by Morrisons Summit to the north and Douglas Summit to the south.

The bridge received a battering at the hands of Hurricane Fran in September 1996. Despite the extensive spalling, the bridge is sound overall. It is right beside Aughwick Mills Road at its crossing of Aughwick Creek. The previous truss road bridge was a popular photo spot. It was replaced after the end of EBT operations.

HAER info at the Library of Congess site

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