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Tankhouse Bridge

Photo of Tankhouse Bridge
Mile Mark: 19.10
Elevation: 785'
Date Built: 1917
Published Photos: EBT 201

This is the location of the original 1874 bridge #13. It was 30' and most likely wood. The bridge and abutments were washed away by the 1889 flood. The bridge was renumbered to #10 by 1917.

The current through steel plate girder bridge was built in 1917. It is of a related design to Prices, Three Springs and Robertsdale bridges. It varies from all other EBT bridges in that it has missing ribs on the side that are covered by steel plates. This appears to be by design. It is 54' long and spans North Spring Branch. It rests on two stone abutments and spans one concrete pier. The pier was stacked with timber to support the bridge in mid span. The timber has since decayed or been removed. This bridge appears to have not been built to standard gauge widths, unlike most other EBT bridges.

The bridge is sound and intact. To protect local children the bridge has been barricaded and the rotten ties removed, though the rails are still in place. The bridge can be accessed by turning west from PA 665 across from the Saltillo Depot. The creek has undermined the pier and forced it off at an angle. Also one of the diagonal bracing rods has come off the bridge and is imbedded in the streambed.

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