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Saltillo Tankhouse

Photo of Saltillo Tankhouse Photo of Saltillo Tankhouse
Mile Mark: 19.10
Elevation: 785'
Date Built: 1904
Published Photos: EBT 148, 201, 211

This enclosed water tank was built in 1904 to replace an 1874 structure of unknown design. Originally it was situated on the opposite side of the track near the station, but closer to the street. In 1912 the tank was moved across the tracks and street to its current location. Also sometime after its construction, a small gabled addition was added to its left side surrounding an access door.

The tank was similar in design to the Mount Union Tankhouse. It was a sloped frame encloser of a cedar tongue-and-groove tank. The tank was fed by a spring up the Jacks Mountain Hillside from the station. A centrifugal pump in the tankhouse powered by an electric motor fed the water into the tank. A float in the tank was connected to an indicator on the right side of the building, with tick marks that indicated the amount of water in the tank. This feature seems to be unique to this EBT tankhouse. The building had battenboard siding. In addition to serving as a tankhouse the building also had double doors on the track side for the storage of MOW vehicles.

The tank was burned December 29, 1986 by children playing with a lignter. The pump feeding the tank was bought as salvage and is preserved by the FEBT. The concrete foundation can be seen beside Tank House Bridge.

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