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Mount Union Tankhouse

Photo of Mount Union Tankhouse Photo of Mount Union Tankhouse
Mile Mark: 0.30
Elevation: 585'
Date Built: ca. 1910
Published Photos: EBT 136, 166, 178, 216; AEBT 95, 96

This tankhouse was likely built around 1910 and was the only locomotive watering facility north of Rockhill Furnace.

It was a frame structure on a concrete slab and similar in design to the Saltillo Tankhouse. Under the exterior walls it was not unlike other railroad water tanks, consisting of a heavy post and beam supported platform and a segmented tongue and groove tank held together with steel rings. Late in life, the entire building was sheathed in a veneer of decorative brick pattern asphault siding, like that placed on parts of the Rockhill Sandhouse and Coles Tankhouse.

The tank was burned by an arsonist in the early 1970's. The concrete foundation can be found adjacent to the cleared enginehouse spur and the twisted rings are a few hundred feet south along the siding, near where it connects with the main.

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