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Mount Union Ash Pit

Photo of Mount Union Ash Pit
Mile Mark: 0.30
Elevation: 585'
Date Built: ca. 1910

This pit was used to clean the ashpans of the two standard gauge switchers in service since the current enginehouse was constructed. Usually only one locomotive was in service at a time while the other was being overhauled, hence the single pit. The pit is located on the three-railed lead to the east stall of the enginehouse.

The pit is lined with concrete, like the similar pits at Rockhill Furnace and Robertsdale. The locomotive would be spotted with the front just outside the east enginehouse stall and with the firebox over the pit. The ash pan under the locomotive's fire would be opened to dump the ash into the pit and a variety of tools would be used to shake the fire grates and knock out any additional ash or clinker. It is unknown if there was a tool rack at the pit like the one at Rockhill.

The ash pit had been out of service since 1956 and had several trees growing out of it. In early 2000 the Mount Union Connecting Railroad cleared the track into #3's stall thus clearing out the ash pit. It is currently covered with logs to prevent any accidents from visitors falling into the pit.

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