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Rockhill Turntable

Photo of Rockhill Turntable Photo of Rockhill Turntable Photo of Rockhill Turntable
Mile Mark: 11.00
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: ca. 1914
Published Photos: EBT 63, 93, 149, 187, 195; AEBT 45

This pit housed between three and five turntables over the years. The original was a wood truss design built in 1874. It is possibly this one or maybe it's successor that collapsed under #5 in January 1899. This table was replaced by a steel one with solid sides perforated by several circular holes. The next known table is the current one, the first to sport walkways and railings. It appears to have been in place by the time #15 was delivered in 1914. It is reported to have been purchased secondhand from the New York Central, who was upgrading their turntables, making this one surplus. It was built by the Stroebel Construction Co, Chicago, IL and is of deck steel plate girder construction. According to the story, it was cut down to narrow gauge dimensions in Mount Union before being hauled to Rockhill. It is actually air powered via the two valve stands on either end, so that a single hostler could turn the engines. The air for the system was provided by a coupling connected to the locomotive's air brake hose. The air system proved unwieldy and it was usually turned by hand.

The table was redecked in 1960 and has been kept operational since. The guide track seems to have sunk over the years causing the locomotive wheels to drop markedly when they enter the table. The air motors and valves are still in place but the air lines are no longer connected. In 1998 it received two new steel push poles, replacing the worn wood ones.

The table usually takes only two persons to turn even #17, but in the winter it can take six to eight persons.

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