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RI&C Mine No. 7 and 8 Branch

Photo of RI&C Mine No. 7 and 8 Branch
Mile Mark: 31.20
Elevation: 1850'
Date Built: ca. 1916
Published Photos: EBT 111
Published Plans: EBT 117

This short branch crossed Trough Creek to reach the tipple of the twin mines. No. 7 was the lower opening that serviced the Fulton seam via a slope. It operated 1915-37, 1940-41 and 1943. No. 8 was the upper drift mine servicing the Barnett seam. It operated 1916-37. Combined they produced 2,630,699 tons of coal.

Both openings were partially obliterated by later strip mining operations. The spur was removed prior to the end of operations. The tipple was timber and located near the end of the spur.

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