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NARCo Coal Dump

Photo of NARCo Coal Dump
Mile Mark: 0.40
Elevation: 590'
Date Built: ca. 1911

This is the location of EBT coal deliveries to the NARCo plant. The coal was used to heat the brick kilns. The dump lies along the easternmost track along the north standard gauge yard.

The dump consisted of a single track passing over a recess in the retaining wall which separates the yard from the NARCo plant below. The pit was about 10' square and 15' deep lined with timber. It is likely NARCo had some kind of tramway at their level to move coal from the dump to the kilns to where it was used to fuel the brick ovens.

The wood cribbing which supports the walls of the dump has rotted away allowing the earth to fall into the dump. The track over the dump as well as the two closest tracks now hover over the dump pit with no support. The receiving equipment below is not present and was probably scrapped along with the NARCo plant.

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