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Merchandise Transfer

Photo of Merchandise Transfer
Mile Mark: 0.30
Elevation: 585'
Date: unknown
Published Photos: EBT 166, 232

The merchandise transfer consisted of a platform used to manually transfer dry goods from standard gauge boxcars on one track to narrow gauge cars on the next track or vice versa. The transfer was a frame structure, raised about three feet off the ground on 12" posts and covered by a frame and sheet metal roof. The structure was about 170'x10'. The transfer was little used after the EBT began sending standard gauge cars down the line on narrow gauge trucks using the Timber Transfer. In its later years the transfer was joined by a retired EBT wood frame boxcar that was, like many, relegated to use as a storage shack.

The transfer disappeared sometime after the end of operations and only its wood post footings remain. Immediately north of it are the hardware remains of the boxcar.

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