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Rocky Ridge Branch

The Rocky Ridge Branch was built in 1905, completed November 10 but in service prior to that, departing the EBT main just south (west) of the Wrays Hill Tunnel. The branch proceeded downgrade along Trough Creek past sevral non RI&C mines. It was intended to be built to Cassville, but only reached clay pits just south of Evanston. The primary driving force behind the branch's construction was Broad Top Coal and Mineral Company which was a consolidation of the various claims in the valley under a single operation. This, and a loan of $5,500, was sufficient enticement for the EBT to construct the branch.

The branch saw significant traffic until the 1920's when most mines in the area went under. High water from floods March 17, 1936 damaged the trestle north of Jacobs and ended the operating days of the branch. It was dismantled about 1948.

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