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Mile Mark: unknown
Elevation: unknown
Date: unknown

Evanston was the end of the Rocky Ridge Railroad (EBT Rocky Ridge Branch). Orognally the line had been planned to extend to Cassvile, a more substantial village. Indications are that right-of-way was never acquire beyone Evanston. Land for a wye was acquired at the end of the branch, however none was ever built. Only a short spur siding was built on the site. Evanston was near the site of exploratory coal mining by Gorge Sleeman (later of the Sleeman Mine) on Shirley's Knob which produced coal found to be "unsatisfactory". Also on Shorley's Knob were diggings if fire clay. The clay proved to be unsatisfactory due to its high Iron content. Beyond these two failed ventures, there was little traffic from this end of the line, as no long-term induxtry existed. However it seems to have been a point at which hoppers were spotted for coal sales to local concerns.

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