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NARCo Tipple

Photo of NARCo Tipple
Mile Mark: 17.55
Elevation: 720'
Date Built: 1911
Published Photos: EBT 87, 89; AEBT 97

NARCo opened a ganister quarry on the south end of Jacks Mountain north of Three Springs to feed its plant in Mount Union. Ganister was fed down a funicular or "dinkey tracks" (cable driven inclined railroad) to a tipple on a short spur of the EBT just west of the town. This operation was replaced in 1942 with a branch from the Saltillo yard up the side of Jacks Mountain, to a new tipple near the quarry.

The funicular survives as a jeep trail with the large cables occasionally protruding from the ground. There is still a bridge on PA 2032 over the funicular grade.

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